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Felini complete is a balanced food supplement providing vitamins, minerals, trace elements and taurine to supplement raw or cooked meat.

Cats are obligate carnivores ( "true"/"pure" meat eaters) and therefore have specific nutritional needs. Their natural foods consist of whole prey animals, like mice, insects and sometimes little birds. These provide them with protein, fat, amino acids ( from meat), vitamins ( from offal), minerals and trace elements (from bones and blood). Felini complete supplements pure meat to make it a "complete food".


Use and dosage:

An adult cat (of around 4.5 kg) needs around 130g of meat per day, divided into 2-3 meals. For one meal mix 65g of meat with one level felini measuring spoon (0.8g) of felini complete and 2 table spoons of water.

When preparing larger amounts please use 12.5 g (approx.15.5 level measuring spoons) of Felini complete and 31 tablespoons of water for 1 kg of meat. Besides muscle meat you can also use heart (up to 15%) stomach/gizards and kidney (up to 5%). Bigger cats will need appropriately bigger meals. Check your cat's weight. 

weight of cat      approximate amount of meat per day    felini complete

  4kg                                     120g                                            1.5g                           

  5kg                                     150g                                            1.9g

  6kg                                     180g                                            2.3g    

  7kg                                     210g                                            2.6g

  8kg                                     240g                                             3g                                


The fat content should average 10%. You can mix lean with fatter meats to achieve this. If you exclusively use lean cuts/meats you should supplement these with animal fats, for example goose fat (without any additives) to reach a fat content of approx 10%. If needed you can also supplement up to 5% dietary fibre.

As Felini complete already contains calcium, phosphor and vitamin A you should not feed bones or liver.

Variety is key! Use different cuts, different types of meat.

Suitable types of meat are for example: chicken, turkey, duck, lamb, beef, veal, rabbit, hare, venison, horse, ostrich, pheasant and more.

Suitable cuts are: breast, neck, leg, fillet, cuts with skin, heart (up to 15%), stomach and kidney (up to 5%)

Please do NOT feed raw pork, nor raw wild boar (danger of aujeszky virus)- cooked pork/boar can be fed.




Felini complete is solely designed for the preparation of meals from raw or cooked meat and may not be added as a "supplement" to already "complete foods" (like "complete cat food" cans or pouches)

When feeding cooked meat you should also feed the cooking broth/juices. To avoid loss of vitamins do not cook with felini complete, nor add it to hot food. Only add felini complete after the meat and broth have cooled down. You can freeze meat with added felini complete. But we recommend to keep frozen storage time to as short as possible to avoid loss of vitamins.

Additives and ingredients per kg: ash 84.6%, calcium 19.3%, phosphor 3%, sodium 11%, magnesium 0.8%, vitamin A 800,000IE, vitamin D3 20,000 IE, vitamin E (a- tocopherolacetate) 5.5mg, vitamin B1 320mg, vitamin B2 160mg, vitamin B6 240mg, vitamin B12 1,650µg, pantothenic acid 720mg, biotin 10,000µg, nicotinamide 1,300mg, folic acid 52mg, iron 2,400mg, copper 160mg, manganese 224mg, zinc 900mg, iodine 32mg, taurine 100,000mg

The composition of Felini complete is based on studies of the Institute for Animal Nutrition of the swiss University of Zurich.

Because of the higher levels of vitamin A, D3 and trace elements in felini complete, compared to general "complete foods", it may at most make up 5% of the daily ration. If you stick to our "felini complete to meat ratio" guidelines, you will stay well below any possibly harmful percentage. (sticking to our guidelines gives you approx 1.25%)

Please store in a cool, dry and dark place.

Info last updated: 2013, distributed by: Futterado, owner: Rebecca Frieß, Hinter der Mühle 36, 21635 Jork, Germany. Felini is a registered trademark.

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